Textile Centre of Excellence

What We Do

APDN has partnered with the Textile Centre of Excellence in a joint effort to globally expand the DNA taggant marking and product authentication technology. 


To support continued business development efforts in the UK and Europe, APDN has established a DNA textile authentication laboratory and European office at the Textile Centre of Excellence (TCE) in Yorkshire. The facility will be utilized to service all of APDN’s business, including the goals of expanding both the SigNature® T and fiberTyping® Textile programs, and providing authentication services for the Cash-In-Transit industry.

Bill Macbeth, Managing Director of the Textile Centre of Excellence, said, “We have now perfected the process of protecting top quality textiles with the APDN botanical DNA. The Yorkshire ‘Signature’ protection is now available as an affordable and foolproof way of guaranteeing that products produced in this region are authentic. The next stage will see leading brands using the technology to ‘audit’ their distribution chains and identify where product substitution is taking place. There is massive worldwide market potential for this approach, with forensic testing now available at the new laboratory in Huddersfield."

“The SigNature DNA Anti-Counterfeit program was selected because it offers immediate and significant competitive advantage to the Yorkshire’s high quality textile manufacturers. The public funding contribution to the Program is significant, equating to over £1 million for each of the activity areas including the APDN Anti Counterfeiting activity. This contribution is designed to generate significant additional investment from the private sector which should generate at least £2 million in each activity area over the lifetime of the Program,” stated Bill Macbeth.

“We see the importance and relevance of using DNA to safeguard our brands and our industry here in Yorkshire”, continued Bill Macbeth. “We need to protect the quality and reputation of the textiles and apparel we make. It’s simple really, we manufacture the best woolen cloth in the world and DNA can be effective in helping us to combat the rising tide of counterfeit goods.”

About the Textile Centre
The Textile Centre of Excellence is a major conferencing, research and training facility, based 2 miles from the centre of Huddersfield. A a not-for-profit company owned by its members, primarily textile manufacturing companies in West Yorkshire, The Centre delivers a wide range of training, research and development support.