ADNAS Successfully Marks Mission-Critical Microchips for the DoD

ADNAS Successfully Marks Mission-Critical Microchips for the DoD

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Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. has successfully completed a program to DNA mark microchips for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).  Used systematically, DNA marking could prevent counterfeit microchips, which might be defective and possibly dangerous, from entry at any point in the DoD’s supply chain.
  • APDN has already been awarded a follow-on contract of almost $1 million to fully engage one of the government’s microchip supply chains, based on succesful preliminary results. 
  • Building a forensically secure supply chain: This final phase of the program will include several Original Chip Manufacturers (OCMs), distributors, board builders, system integrators and the Armed Forces; by including the various supply chain participants, APDN can partner with government and industry to build a forensically secure supply chain from the source to the end-user. 
  • The project could be a significant first step for the company toward a major role in supply chain defense with government, and in B2B relationships with OCMs, distributors, and the manufacturers of printed circuit boards and finished electronic goods.
  • A Cost Effective Approach: Pricing efficiency is attained even with modest volume levels, allowing for an OCM to mark entire production runs with minimal costs, yet securing maximum protection.   

Relevant Quotes

“Securing the complete supply chain for a ubiquitous technology like microchips generates an immediate return on investment (ROI) in business-to-business relationships with the OCMs, the electronic distributors and the builders of circuit boards. When it comes to protecting our government and military supply chains, this is an ROI measured not just in dollars, but in American lives saved.”
Dr. James Hayward, APDN CEO and President

About APDN

About APDN
APDN sells patented DNA security solutions that provide anti-counterfeit protection, as well as protecting brands and intellectual property from counterfeiting and diversion. SigNature DNA is a botanical mark used for product authentication in a unique manner that essentially cannot be copied. When used in conjunction with other law enforcement technologies, SigNature DNA can provide a forensic chain of evidence that has been used successfully in more than 15 convictions. To learn more, go to where APDN routinely posts all press releases. 
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