SigNature® DNA

What We Do

SigNature® DNA markers provide a unique and powerful means to authenticate originality, verify provenance, and link offenders and stolen items to crime scenes. With essentially infinite variability, individualized custom DNA sequences can be created and embedded into a range of host carriers such as ink, varnish, thread, laminates and metal coatings. Highly secure, robust, durable and cost-effective, SigNature DNA markers can be used as a forensic complement to barcodes, watermarks, holograms, RFIDs, microdots or any other security platform.
SigNature DNA markers are based on plant DNA. These engineered marks have not and cannot be broken. The conventional process used to sequence (“decode”) native DNA is not possible with the engineered mark. Additional layers of protection and complexity are added to the mark in a proprietary manner. This botanically engineered solution is shielded by a portfolio of 24 patents, 58 patent applications, and other intellectual property protection.


The SigNature DNA platform has proven highly resistant to UV radiation, heat, cold, vibration, abrasion and other extreme environmental conditions, and a single SigNature DNA mark will support at least ten authentications in its lifetime. Unsurpassed durability, accuracy and assurance make SigNature DNA markers an ideal foundation or enhancement for any security effort.

SigNature DNA in Action

Manufacturers, brands, and other stakeholders can ensure authenticity and protect against diversion throughout a product’s journey from manufacture to use.


Creating a SigNature DNA Marker

Botanical DNA is isolated

DNA is segmented

Segments are shuffled and reassembled to form an encrypted, unique, secure DNA marker


To ensure that a product is authentic, we recommend regular audits and authentication of products throughout the supply chain. ADNAS can customize an authentication program that best fits your goals and needs.