SigNature® DNA

What We Do

What makes SigNature® DNA the gold standard anti-counterfeiting solution and first choice in evidentiary evidence for law enforcement? Uncopyable. Forensic. Absolute. 

SigNature® DNA markers provide the ultimate in forensic power and protection for a wide array of applications.  Highly secure, robust, durable and cost-effective, SigNature DNA markers can be used to fortify brand protection efforts; mark, track and convict criminals; and strengthen supply chain security.   


Custom DNA sequences can be embedded into a wide range of host carriers including ink, varnish, thread, laminates and metal coatings.



Creating a SigNature DNA Marker


Botanical DNA is isolated


DNA is segmented


Segments are shuffled and reassembled to form an encrypted, unique, secure DNA marker


Applied DNA Sciences technical personnel authenticate markers and produce comprehensive witness statements, making the use of DNA evidence in legal action easy and effective.

Unique SigNature DNA Markers:

• Cannot be copied

• Covert and forensic

• Custom DNA markers can be created for specific vendors/suppliers or raw materials

• Compatible with a wide range of products; can be placed anywhere in or on the product

• Adaptable. Will not require major changes to the manufacturing process or supply chain

• Fully-supported expert witness reporting


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