Forensic DNA Technology Products

Forensic DNA Technology Products

SigNature DNA uses the DNA from plants to mark and authenticate products in a unique manner that essentially cannot be copied.

Patented and proprietary, SigNature® DNA:

  • Will not alter the quality of the product
  • Will not require major changes to the manufacturing process or logistic chain
  • Is stable and persistent
  • Is instantly detectable with a hand-held device
  • Can be forensically authenticated in the lab

SigNature DNA is a unique and powerful means to authenticate originality. It’s truly versatile and stable. We’ve prototyped and tested SigNature DNA in many different types and forms of ink, varnish, adhesives and textile treatments.

For example, you can apply it in:

Cash Degradation Inks

  • AzSure with SigNature DNA
  • Other inks

Security Inks

  • Overt inks (visible)
  • Covert inks (invisible)
  • Machine readable inks
  • Ultraviolet inks
  • Thermochromic
  • Intaglio ink

Conventional Inks and Ribbons

  • Thermal Transfer
  • Laser
  • InkJet

Compatible with flexography, offset printing, roto gravure.

Textile treatments and binding agents

Adhesives, varnishes, and many more.

SigNature DNA markers provide definitive, forensic proof of authentication since DNA is well accepted by courts globally. To find out how you can benefit from SigNature DNA please click here.