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Printcolor Screen Ltd. (Printcolor) is a reseller of APDN’s SigNature DNA Markers. Working together, APDN and Printcolor hope to harness the quality of Printcolor inks with the flexibility and affordability of APDN’s proprietary SigNature DNA Markers to slash counterfeiting and diversion losses of Printcolor customers.

Additionally, Printcolor has committed to using APDN’s SigNature DNA Markers as the central component of its spectraCRYPT™ line of security inks. As a result of the ongoing collaboration between the two companies, SigNature® DNA has become an integral part of Printcolor’s strategy in the security ink market. Printcolor’s security inks are utilized in numerous indications, including the printing of bankcards, labeling of automotive components and printed labels for many products.

Dieter Hermann, CEO of Printcolor, stated: “We believe that SigNature® DNA is the best solution for definitive forensic product authentication. With the integration of DNA into our spectraCRYPT™ product line, we can create highly secure, covert or overt, specialized indelible inks that are impossible for counterfeiters to replicate, re-engineer or copy digitally.”

SpectraCRYPT is a portfolio of highly efficient, secure printing chemistries that enable printers to offer protection to brand owners. The SigNature® DNA renders each ink forensic in quality and virtually impossible for counterfeiters to reproduce. In addition, inks can be applied to many substrates, including plastic, glass, textile and cardboard.

Working together, APDN and Printcolor have also developed highly customized ink solutions for clients that require fast-screening, cost effective security programs. The SigNature® DNA Marker can be combined with any number of additional security features enabling easy front end inspection, while providing forensic authentication whenever it is required.

“Printcolor’s commitment to our DNA platform in spectraCRYPT™ inks is significant. We now have a strategic partner in Europe that can help us prototype printed ink samples very quickly which has been helpful in our marketing and sales efforts. We can also offer a range of front-end detection modalities that will be suitable for even the most sophisticated, security-minded clientele,” indicated Dr. James A. Hayward, CEO of APDN.

“Printcolor prides itself on providing specialized and specific solutions in ink technology to each and every one of its customers and we are continually striving to increase our know-how and make the most of our resources. Partnering with Applied DNA Sciences is a perfect example of how we work with outside companies to continually bring the finest in ink technology and new innovations to our customers. The partnership between both companies completes the spectraCRYPT™ program of unique and forensic features for the brand protection and security market ” commented Dieter Hermann, CEO of Printcolor.

Dr. James Hayward CEO of APDN. “The printing ink market is an important market in which to utilize SigNature DNA Markers and working with Printcolor, we can offer a low cost, high technology solution to the problems of counterfeiting and diversion faced by Printcolor customers.”

About Printcolor

Printcolor Screen Ltd. has established itself as a market leader in providing customers with innovative and  technologically advanced solutions for screen, pad and digital inks.

Printcolor covers an incredibly wide range of applications in the screen printing industry, and can meet customers' demands for UV-curable inks, water based inks, and solvent based inks and high solid inks. Beyond the traditional silk screen printing industry we can also provide specialized and technically advanced products for specific industrial printing and coating needs.

Printcolor Screen Ltd. also offers high-quality pad transfer printing inks that are; solvent based, 2 Component and now even UV curable. Their entire 700 series of pad printing inks are loaded with maximum pigment levels to provide high-opaque printing results and the majority of these products have been developed according to the demands and needs of this specialized industrial sector. The “universal use” nature of these pad printing inks allows the end-user a great deal of flexibility covering many substrates with just a few inks.

Printcolor Screen Ltd. produces furthermore high quality UV-curable inks for the flexographic printing sector, which are well suited for the UV printing of many plastic substrates. In addition to UV flexo inks, they also produce UV-curable clear and over-coating varnishes and specialized primers.

Printcolor creates special digital ink systems for many types of printers and print heads (inkjet applications) for customers who demand high quality printing results. These digital inks are produced in both solvent based and UV curing technology. They also create specialized primers and protection varnishes which enable clients to significantly increase the range of application and use possibilities, by providing a full spectrum of consumable inkjet goods.

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