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APDN provides Loomis with its SigNature® DNA technology, which is placed within the cash staining dye in its cash-in-transit devices.These devices discharge an intense liquid dye onto currency when the transport box is illegally accessed or moved outside of a predetermined location, rendering the currency easily recognized as stolen in a process known as “cash degradation.” Loomis chose to use SigNature DNA because it offers far superior qualities in comparison to other taggants. SigNature DNA allows for stolen currency and evidence to be linked to a specific crime scene, and has resulted in numerous convictions since being implemented by Loomis.

“When combined with optical reporters and rapid screening tools, cash can be rapidly screened for the likely presence of a SigNature DNA marker in less than a second,” stated Dr. Benjamin Liang, Chief Scientific Officer of APDN. “Once identified as stolen, the cash can be returned to its rightful owner using APDN’s unique authentication platform which includes portable PCR. Embedding SigNature DNA markers into the liquid dye provides the CIT industry with a unique and cost-effective method to trace the origin of the cash that is stolen and to quickly detect and forensically authenticate the recovered cash.”

This partnership has been immensely successful, resulting in over 20 convictions to date, several awards, as well as a significant reduction in cash losses.

APDN received the Excellence in Policing Award on September 21, 2010.Loomis won an award in 2009 for its use of SigNature DNA from the International Association of Currency Affairs at their recent conference in Prague for “Best New Product, Process or Currency System.” The coveted “POP” award (“Problem Oriented Policing”) was given on May 18, 2011 to both the Lancashire Constabulary, a police force in the Northwest UK region, and APDN. The award focused on a vicious cash robbery outside the city of Blackburn in December, 2008 in which an unarmed Loomis guard was shot.

According to Dr. James A. Hayward, CEO of APDN, “We have successfully authenticated evidence in thirty-five different cases from multiple UK Police forces and have achieved a 100% success rate in linking submissions to dye stained stolen CIT. In the Lancashire investigation during which the security guard was shot, five defendants were convicted and jailed for over sixty years.”

Hayward continued; “All told, APDN’s customers enjoyed a 49% reduction in losses as a result of CIT offenses year-to-year while the UK industry as a whole saw a decrease in losses of only 34%.”

Neil Hunter, Lancashire Constabulary Detective Superintendant commented, “This is a testament to the groundbreaking forensic work with Applied DNA Sciences that inextricably linked the criminals to the DNA evidence recovered. We continue to work hard to catch and convict cash-in-transit criminals who have been marked with SigNature DNA.”

Tony Benson, former Risk Director for Loomis UK and current Director of Risk and Security for APDN, stated, “DNA stands strongly on its own merit as the ultimate reality check. Loomis uses SigNature DNA in its cash boxes to ensure that when cash is stolen it is stained with the DNA and that criminals who come into contact with the cash are also stained with the DNA. This is a significant deterrent to criminals, as they stand a far greater chance of being convicted if they attempt a robbery against Loomis. SigNature DNA provides Loomis’ customers and employees with the ‘peace of mind’ they deserve and assists the UK Police in detecting crime and convicting criminals,” commented Tony Benson.

Bob Cummings, Ltd Head of Loss Prevention of Loomis UK, points out that part of the program’s impact has been to deter thieves from cash crimes in the first place:

“The deterrence value of DNA is clear – if you commit a CViT robbery, you will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. … our Zero Tolerance program is clearly removing the criminal element from the streets and keeping our employees and the general public safe. Loomis are very pleased that by working with Applied DNA Sciences and Lancashire Police that the criminals responsible for the shooting of one of our employees has been brought to justice. Our decision to use the DNA in all our cash boxes in the UK has resulted in the imprisonment of a total of 22 criminals … As the word gets out amongst the criminal community they will understand that if they attack Loomis they will run a very high risk of being caught."

About Loomis

Loomis is the specialist at creating an efficient cash flow in society. They offer comprehensive solutions at all levels of society including financial institutions, retailers, other commerce related business, and the public sector. Loomis’ 20,000 employees operate at more than 390 branch offices spread across 14 European countries and the US.

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