What We Do

ADNAS works in collaboration with Labino AB, a Swedish company founded in 1994. Labino manufactures and sells the most powerful UV-lamps available on the market. Their products are based on MPXL as well as LED technology and UV-lamps that offer unbeatable output performance.

Applied DNA’s anti-theft tagging systems help to expand and strengthen any security effort by providing a means of directly linking criminals to crimes. In the event of a crime, the fleeing offender is tagged with an indelible DNA-marked fluorescing dye. As the crime and the criminal is investigated by police, the Labino UVG2 Torch light kit is deployed, and Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) use the Labino UVG2 Torch to identify the fluorescing DNA mark on the marked objects.

Due to the high performance of the Labino UVG2 Torch under both ambient light as well as in the dark, even the presence of the smallest traces of DNA markings can be identified. This greatly assists police in linking the offender to any stolen items to a specific crime scene, even if the fluorescing mark is on items that have been washed.

To obtain more information on the Labino UVG2 Torch light kit, please contact us.