5th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting and Serialization Conference London – September 2016
Infographic: How to Fully Secure the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain (Japanese)
Infographic: How to Fully Secure the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
Home Textiles Today: The Truth About Testing Processes for Premium Cotton
APDN Solution Brief: SigNature T
APDN Solution Brief: fiberTyping
Solution Brief: SigNature® T for Synthetic Textiles
Solution Brief: SigNature® T for Textile Coatings
SigNature® T Technical Brief
DNA in Innovation
Securing Industry: Oceana study turns up something…very fishy
GOMACTech 14 Handout
12.31.2013 10Q
6.30.2013 10Q
9.30.2013 10K
Investor conference call – February 11 – 2014
DNAnet Tactical Markers
DNAnet Intruder Summary
DNAnet Intruder Tagging Product Brief
DNAnet Intruder Tagging Overview
DNAnet Overview
Sentry Box Overview
DNAnet® Frequently Asked Questions - UK
DNAnet® Registration Instructions - UK
DNAnet® Marking Instructions - UK
digitalDNA Overview
DNAnet® Residential Product
White Paper: Impact of the FY 12 Anti-Counterfeiting Law: The National Defense Authorization Act Section 818
Retail Theft and Organized Crime, 2011: Report by National Retail Federation
White Paper - Overview: DNA Marking and Authentication of Microchips
Nissha Develops New Printing System with Plant DNA Ink
FAQ: SigNature DNA Marking for Electronics
CViT Endorsements
Cashield Brochure
LNE Penetrating DNA Ink
DNANet Brochure
Cash and Valuables in Transit FAQ's