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Launching an unprecedented initiative in the way goods are protected from counterfeiting, Disc Graphics, Inc. and Applied DNA Sciences have partnered to offer product packaging which identifies their contents and provenance using SigNature® DNA markers.


DISC will mark every carton produced for their customers with botanical DNA, representing a code which indelibly carries the pedigree and authenticity of each product. SigNature DNA marking is the centerpiece of a layered, multi-technology program against counterfeits, which DISC calls P.A.S.S. Marking labels with DNA is also planned as a key element of the P.A.S.S. program. The program was effective as of November 1, 2011.

Since every carton will be pre-marked with the DNA code, DISC customers are offered the ability to submit suspect packaging to APDN’s lab for authentication as part of a licensing program.

As John Rebecchi, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for DISC explains: “The companies which use our packaging and labels will automatically be part of our industry-leading authentication program which will highly differentiate their product. Clients have the option of extending our blanket DNA protection with uniquely sequenced DNA markers developed exclusively for them by our partner, Applied DNA Sciences. They can also combine any of the choices in each level of the P.A.S.S. program to achieve strong, multi-layered protection.”


Scope of DNA Marking Program

The scope of the DNA marking program for DISC is vast. DISC produces several hundred million cartons and labels each year, for a diverse range of markets. The company produces pressure sensitive labels for over-the-counter pharmaceutical, vitamin, and healthcare markets, including retailers selling pharmaceuticals – CVS and Walgreens – as well as prescription and specialized pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics, perfumes, DVDs and others.

“We are very serious about providing all of our clients with the latest forensic authentication technologies to combat the increasing influx of counterfeit packaging and the resulting brand erosion they face across the globe,” said Margaret Krumholz, president of DISC. “This agreement leverages DISC’s broad customer base of high value brands and offers us a leading edge, forensic anti-counterfeit solution to combat the growing problem of counterfeit and grey market goods entering the supply and distribution chain. Packaging is on the front line of fighting counterfeiters and we are excited to make DNA an integral part of our overarching package security program. Our core customers including major film studios, pharmaceutical manufacturers, fragrance and luxury brand companies all experience market erosion from counterfeit products and are searching for weapons to battle this multi-billion dollar problem.”

“APDN can provide the means necessary to authenticate packaging and labels on all products including pharmaceuticals where a counterfeit product can cause illness or even death. Working with DISC will provide APDN with an introduction to brands and companies, expanding the exposure and market reach of the company. We are excited to share our technology with this market leader and believe that this will open up additional markets and customers for both companies,” commented Dr. James Hayward, APDN President and CEO.

About DISC

DISC is a leading producer of packaging and print for the entertainment media, beauty, healthcare, private label and consumer products industries. Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, DISC is a privately held company whose manufacturing facilities in California, New Jersey and New York adhere to strict ISO 9001:2008 and FDA cGMP standards. FSC Chain-of-Custody certified since 2007 and an EPA Green Power Partner, the company promotes sustainable packaging practices through its DISCover Green program. DISC offers a range of advanced capabilities for prepress and design services, digital, flexo and offset printing, and finishing and converting for paperboard, plastic and mini-flute corrugate packaging.