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Pharmacy In-security: armed pharmacy robbery in New York caught on video

In the scary surveillance video below, a pharmacy worker in Manhattan finds himself looking into the barrel of a robber's gun, a robber who means business.

"Told us to 'get on the ground and he want some medications. Give me all your narcotics. Stay on the ground and don't look at me' ," said the worker at Health Source Pharmacy near 68th St. and Second Avenue in the center of New York City.

Like many in the string of brutal pharmacy attacks in New York and nationally in recent months, the target drug was a so-called "super-pain-killer," in this case Oxycodone, according to ABC News.

It was the pharmacy robbery was the third armed robbery in Manhattan in two weeks. Applied DNA Sciences, located in Long Island where many recent and fatal robberies have occurred, can help the community with its smartDNA product, which covers a fleeing criminal with a DNA-infused mist.  The criminal is marked with a code that constitutes an an ID that will stand up in any court.

Below we include a clip of the robbery as released by the NYPD.