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French warning on counterfeits: don't sell 'em, don't buy 'em

News item: New York City Council representative Margaret Chin proposes a $1000 fine for those who buy counterfeit goods, like those openly sold in New York's notorious Canal St. market.

As a New Yorker, I can't help being impatient when a proposed, very mild law which might help protect the fashion industry is, heaven help us, controversial.  Fashion in New York city is an historic bulwark of our economy, a huge part of our creative reputation and culture.  We shouldn't protect it?

The Europeans are not so shy.  In France, a new agency, the Comité Colbert, has been formed to go after counterfeiters hard.  Of course, since 2007, the French have tough laws on the books.

The Comité sets out its goals in terms that we New Yorkers may well learn from:

"Remind the public what defending intellectual property really means: when we fight counterfeiting, we help protect the imagination, creativity and intelligence.

The Comité Colbert aims to boost awareness of the many precious assets inherent to the French industrial heritage and the personal duty of each citizen to defend it by adopting resolutely responsible behavior. "

Some ads from the new campaign: