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Deterring Pharmacy Robbery: SmartDNA Links the Criminal to the Crime

An open letter to the Long Island Community

As members of the Long Island Community, we feel the scourge of pharmacy robberies and grieve for the families who have lost loved ones in these senseless crimes.

We applaud the efforts of Senator Schumer to strengthen legislation that would deter these heinous crimes. We applaud law enforcement efforts to step-up security around pharmacies, and the efforts of special task forces to link the skills of the FBI to businesses seeking to increase their security.

There is a simple, affordable, practical tool we can provide to deter these crimes immediately using DNA.

Using botanical DNA as a forensic foundation, Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. assembles unique security solutions to address brand protection, supply chain security and eliminate criminal theft. Our systems have been in use in Europe for two years to protect jewelry stores, ATMs and guards who carry cash between institutions. The latter is especially problematic in the UK, where guards do not carry weapons. Contained within their cash box, is a charge of DNA, which is activated if the guard or the box is attacked during theft.

To date, our DNA spray has been activated in 80 cases in the UK, 27 of which have gone to trial, all resulting in convictions, with cumulative sentences of over 150 years. Attacks against our customers dropped 55% and their cash losses by 72%. We have not only improved their safety, but also generated returns on their investment greater than 100-fold in a single year.

In the US, our systems protect brands, and ensure that counterfeit microchips will not enter the military supply chain.

On Long Island, our SmartDNA systems are installed at all branches of Gold Coast Bank, protecting tellers, ATM vestibules and customers. Standard alarm systems actuate a safe DNA spray that will irrevocably link the criminal to the crime.

We want to do the same for LI pharmacies. We want our citizens to enter pharmacies without reticence or fear. We want small business to grow. We want to curb addiction rates. We want to help regional law enforcement.

Please contact us if you share our interest in fighting this problem, now.