About Applied DNA Sciences

About Applied DNA Sciences

Using DNA as a forensic foundation, Applied DNA Sciences assembles unique security solutions addressing the challenges of brand protection, supply chain security, item provenance and theft.

SigNature® DNA, the basis of all our products, is based on full, double-stranded plant DNA, with all the stunning accuracy provided by nature. We do not use single-stranded, “synthetic” DNA. The mark will not wash off, even in aggressive industrial treatment baths. Results are not obscured by false positives. We are not afraid to be tested in court. We are not just a warning sticker on a door: SigNature DNA technology enforces deterrent value with real, proven results.

With proven reliability, accuracy, flexibility and security, DNA markers are the ultimate cornerstone for a wide variety of security/protection efforts.

Law Enforcement - DNAnet® forensic tagging systems help to directly link criminals to crimes, creating a better opportunity to identify and convict – perfect for deterring crime at banks, pharmacies and convenience stores.

Supply Chain Protection - the introduction of counterfeit, diverted or salvaged products/components into manufacturing and distribution chains is a major concern in today’s global supply network. SigNature DNA-based marking technologies help maintain identity and proper course of legitimate goods throughout the supply chain, from cradle to end use.

Brand Protection - Consumer safety and satisfaction, brand reputation, revenues - all can be adversely impacted by counterfeiting. SigNature DNA markers afford quick and definitive identification of authentic products.