Crime Prevention

What We Do

Deter and detect crimes such as robbery, theft, kidnapping and vandalism with the proven, forensic power of SigNature® DNA.

Covert Marking

An item is marked with a stealth DNA marker – not detectable by offenders. Upon item recovery, a surface swab sample is taken and evaluated in the Applied DNA Sciences technology center. Additionally, surface swabs of offender hands and clothing are analyzed. Presence of the marker provides forensic evidence/offender linkage to crimes. Perfect for ransom recovery and narcotics operations.



Overt Marking

An item is marked with layered marker; DNA and an instant-detection mechanism – detectable with UV light or laser. Items/offenders can be screened in the field. Forensic evaluation can then be conducted at the Applied DNA Sciences technology center. Perfect for marking police equipment, sting operations and credentials.

SigNature DNA is compatible with a wide variety of materials, and can be safely applied to fabrics, plastics, metals, narcotics and product packaging.


Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. is working with the UK Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) by providing its proprietary DNANet® property marking kits as part of a major initiative to reduce crime in targeted London neighborhoods.  



MPS has deployed DNAnet markers in thousands of homes where homeowners are encouraged to mark and register their valuable belongings. In the case of theft, the presence of the unique DNAnet marker enables police to identify stolen goods and trace them to a specific crime scene. The unequaled forensic merit of DNAnet markers empowers municipalities to apprehend and convict criminals. In the long term, crime deterrence rises from enhanced policing and prosecution power.  Street and home signage announcing the use of DNAnet markers will place potential offenders on alert, offering additional deterrence value.

The value of DNA-based law enforcement tools offered by Applied DNA Sciences, is well known in the United Kingdom. Recently, Applied DNA Sciences was awarded the Excellence in Policing award and POP (“Problem Oriented Policing”) award. These awards recognized APDN’s SigNature® DNA technology which helped the Lancashire constabulary to positively identify and prosecute perpetrators in the UK. In December 2011, APDN was awarded the coveted Tilley award from both Houses of Parliament for the contribution of SigNature DNA in the resolution of the Blackburn robbery case which resulted in five convictions with a total of 55 years of sentencing. In a separate case, SigNature DNA helped in the dismantling of a major UK drug ring where eleven cartel members were sentenced to a total of 31 years in prison.

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